Frequently Asked Questions

The surfaces that have been properly disinfected will then stay sanitized until the next contact with germs or pathogens.

At a minimum, you should be disinfecting your business completely every day, and high touch areas (e.g. tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, phones, tablets, touch screens, remote controls, keyboards, handles, desks, toilets, sinks) should be sanitized as used (or multiple times per day).

Yes, when applied properly our products can be used on most surfaces. Oxi-Thyme products should not be used on fine fabrics or porous/unfinished surfaces.

We use a spray gun, to aerosolize and propel the Oxi-Thyme Disinfectants at lower air pressure.

No rinsing or wiping is required. Oxi-Thyme Disinfecting Systems is a legitimate “No Touch” option. Oxi-Thyme products dry in a few minutes after application and leave no residue. If sprayed on food prep surfaces, upon drying, use clean water rinse on the surface before the next use.

No, but you will want to close the immediate area that you are spraying in. Dry time is a matter of a few minutes, then the area can be reopened.

No, our products are odorless.

No, the products Oxi-Thyme uses are formulated with Hydrogen Peroxide, and hydrogen peroxide breaks down to water and oxygen. The products dry within minutes and leave no residue. Oxi-Thyme products are “No Touch” disinfectants, meaning they do not require rinsing or wiping after application to non-food contact surfaces.

When diluted, the product can be stored for about two weeks if mixed with tap water, and several more weeks if diluted with distilled water.

The Concentrated formula is not safe for contact with human or animal skin. Anyone handling the concentrated formula will be required to wear protective rubber gloves and protective eye goggles (both are provided in the setup package). Oxi-Thyme recommends each business designate 1-2 managers who will be responsible for diluting the product. Once diluted, you still do not want to spray yourself in the eyes, but human and animal skin contact is safe.

No, Oxi-Thyme South East and Oxi-Thyme Inc need to approve all equipment used for spraying our products. Sprayers can affect the chemical makeup of the products.

In most cases, we will fix or replace your equipment with 1-2 Business Days, with some exceptions to some rural areas, where we offer 2-3 Business Days. Recurring disinfectant orders are generally ordered in 1/3/6 Month increments and can be delivered within a couple of days of the order.

Oxi-Thyme disinfectants are great for disinfecting pet cages, veterinarians’ offices, and animal shelters; but should NEVER be sprayed directly on an animal.

Yes, they are safe to spray around plants.

16 oz Concentrate Dilutes to 4 Usable Gallons<br>

20 oz Concentrate Dilutes to 5 Usable Gallons<br>

1 Gallon Concentrate Dilutes to 32<br>

Usable Gallons 5 Gallon Concentrate Dilutes to 160 Usable Gallons

Approximately 4,000-6,000 square feet of actual spraying coverage, depending on the type of equipment, the number of surfaces, and weather conditions (if sprayed outside).

● Lease of Oxi-Thyme sprayer and or fogging equipment
● Promotional Design Set-Up
● Service and Maintenance of sprayer and or fogging equipment
● Training for Faculty on Equipment and proper spraying techniques
● Social Media Packages to promote the Sanitizing Program
● Door/Window Stickers Highlighting your Sanitizing Program
● Gloves, Goggles (one each)

No, the product evaporates and leaves no residue.