Thank you for visiting our list of recommended sprayers for the Oxi-Thyme solution. It is important to validate any spray device you use has the following traits:

  • - It can "fog"
  • - Can support average particle size 20 to 50 microns; we recommend 20-ish, but up to 50 is fine.
  • - Is marked as ULV (ultra low volume) or HVLP (high pressure low volume) fogging system. This ensures the drops of disinfectant spread out and contact the surface more effectively allowing a no touch solution to sanitizing large areas quickly and efficiently leaving a fresh scent and no toxic residue.
  • - Optimal tip sizes are 1MM or 1.2MM, with 1.5MM being the absolute max for it to function correctly.

Since Oxi-Thyme doesn't manufacture the sprayers, customers have the option to secure their own sprayers thru various third-party websites at their discretion. Please reach out to us here at for more purchasing options.

The current list we recommend is as follows: